Working without seeing my boss is like…

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Realising I have forgotten to wear my jewellery – It feels like the “something extra” is missing

    WFH for first time >1day, office based admin worker, Auckland NZ

  2. Anonymous Reply

    It is like being supervised by Big Brother.

    I never see my boss in person, but he is on video conferences multiple times a day, a disembodied head appearing on my laptop screen. I wonder where that door in the background goes? What books are on the shelf behind him? I also need to keep TWO phones nearby, watch my email, text boxes, etc. Of course, since I am a manager, my staff probably thinks the same thing about me.

    FS. Government employee; 64 years old; Washington DC

  3. Anonymous Reply

    … normality

    — English, 60s, long time tech user and digital minimalist

  4. Anonymous Reply

    …being in the Garden of Eden

    Evaluator, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

  5. Anonymous Reply

    …being a piece of equipment they switch on when they want something.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    having a telepathic connection with someone who pops into my head at key times, or who I call upon when I need clarity. Education Professional, Auckland NZ


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