Working when my partner is around is like…

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    warm and supportive … but having to share bandwidth and coordinate zooming

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Having a full service office – he goes out for coffee, lights the fire and cooks the dinner.
    WFH for first time >1day, office based admin worker, Auckland NZ

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Like seeing Ned Ryerson in the street – Groundhog Day….why I am here? What am I doing? Like the film, I eventually find my groove and purpose

  4. Anonymous Reply

    It is like living at a television studio with your best friend.

    We both have several video conferences and conference calls daily, so we’ve set up two ‘broadcast studios’, “High above Pennsylvania Avenue”, complete with visually appropriate backgrounds. Even our on-line calendars include which studio. A couple of times it’s been down to the second studio switches. We’ve only walked into each others conferences a couple of time, always with pants on.

    FS. Government employee; 64 years old; Washington DC

  5. Anonymous Reply

    hanging out with my best friend but distracting each other due to millions of zoom meetings every day

  6. Anonymous Reply

    being in a co-working space (like BizDojo). We very much are attuned to our own work and only see each other for a mutual coffee break. Yes, there may be music in the background, but it’s more about being work focused rather than thinking we are at home!!! Working at home ‘properly’ for the first time, Higher Education Professional, Auckland NZ.


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