The technology in my home office is like…

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    me…a bit worn down , working well at times- but crashing at others

  2. Anonymous Reply

    An extension of my office in a dining room decorated with post-it notes
    WFH for first time for more than one day. Been allowed to bring super duper screen, and laptop so all good. Office based “admin” worker, Auckland NZ

  3. Anonymous Reply

    allows you to bring your whole slippered and comfy trouser-self to work.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    a mosquito. Most of the time you can hear it and see it but it will always find a way to sting you when you least expect it and in a place that is never helpful, that ends up itching for days before finally stops being an irritation.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    My saviour, but also the devil as it’s always there.

    Working from home the first time, Lecturer, NZ

  6. Anonymous Reply

    … sweet as!

    (Why yes, my ISP grade router did cost more than my main PCs (the one at home plus the one at work)).

    — English, 60s, long time tech user, digital minimalist

  7. Anonymous Reply

    … is like climbing a mountain.

    Evaluator, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

  8. Anonymous Reply

    the manifestation of my digital powers. Like a Marvel or DC character with powers, my ability to project my communication, creative thinking and people skills are amplified through the use of technology. Yes, I also have flaws, but I’m learning to hone these powers over time. Working from home ‘properly’ for the first time, Higher Education Professional, Auckland NZ

  9. Anonymous Reply

    I have to buy a new monitor to help me do more productive, but it’s not too bad has a silent environment compared office — From a software engineer

  10. Anonymous Reply

    a step up from my work place, as fully equipped with ergonomic workstations, network (wired and wireless), servers automatically backing up offsite, PCs, Laptops, large monitors, fast fibre internet connection with same upload/download speed and unlimited data, firewall protection, videoconferencing equipment, colour A3 printer and a pleasure to work in when remote/at home working. – Health Informatics / Telehealth specialist

  11. Anonymous Reply

    kind of losing the sense of being a part of a team, although we still have regular catch up with team members.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    having a 90s dial up internet connection. Frustrating.

    First time working from home trying to use my work systems on my personal device.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    The technology in my home office is like an eclectic collection of lost and unwanted socks. Functional as socks, and better when paired with their proper partner. 44 yo learning and development professional in large public sector agency.


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