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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Oxygen that everyone need for life.

    Kandal Province, Cambodia, 1989.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Personal Diaries, Your story line
    Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea, 1990

  3. Anonymous Reply

    a door opener for new opportunities

    Born in Germany, 1989

  4. Anonymous Reply

    … a nagging sore

    (It needs exorcising, and given time to heal).

    — English, 60, long long time tech user, and digital miminalist

  5. Anonymous Reply

    the steam valve on a pressure cooker, allows people to let off steam.

    Born in Christchurch NZ 1959

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Like a venus fly trap, absorbing nutrient thoughts by osmosis, but with the ability to bite.

    Indian Kiwi (iKiwi) born Hamilton 1979


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