Growing up in a digital age is like …

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Spider with an unlimited giant net, which could crawl anywhere, connect with other spiders. But still restricting.

    Born in Beijing, 1989

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Living in an unrealistic world.

    Kandal Province, Cambodia, 1989.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Being addicted to something that necessarily help you in anyway
    Madrid, Spain, 1997

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Living alone, connected but isolated
    Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea, 1990

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Being flooded with information
    QaQing, Northeast China, 1990

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Peeping out of your space
    First computers arrived last year of high school and on arrival in workplace
    Seeing the world grow and automation start

  7. Anonymous Reply

    living in the digital and physical world at the same time

    Born in Germany, 1989

  8. Anonymous Reply

    …plus ça change

    — English, 60, long long time tech user, and digital miminalist


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