Going without my smartphone for 24 hours would be like …

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  1. Anonymous Reply


    I feel like my phone and my laptop/computer are shackles, and would love to have a holiday from them both some day!
    – 40 year old, Kiwi female

  2. Anonymous Reply

    being free from all commitments and living in the moment.

    Born in Germany, 1989

  3. Anonymous Reply

    … a walk in the park

    (it is pleasant and something I often do).

    — English, 60, long long time tech user, and digital miminalist

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Like telling me I couldn’t have coffee for five days. Female, NZ, b1964

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I’d be concerned, because it’s the only contact I have, living in a rural area.

    My family would not be able to contact me, either.

    The lifeline to people & plans. 👫


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