Getting my first digital device was like…

Whether it was the first time you got to use your parents’ PC, or your own phone, describe that experience.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Opening up the door to infinite possibilities
    Chennai, India, 1995

  2. Anonymous Reply

    getting a Swiss army knife with 50 tools and only using the cork screw
    Auckland, NZ, 1967

  3. Anonymous Reply

    … frustrating.

    (Clive Sinclair, assemble it yourself digital watch — it didn’t work, it took weeks to get a replacement by mail)

    — English, 60, long long time tech users, tech minimalist

  4. Anonymous Reply

    transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly.

    Had to go through different stages to win trust and finally was free when I got my first Iphone!

    Born in India, 1996


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