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  1. Anonymous Reply

    WAH is like…being in the wilderness devoid of people but with high tech tools

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Eating sugar-free brownies – it has advantages but it’s not as satisfying

    WFH for first time >1day, office based admin worker, Auckland NZ

    • Anonymous Reply

      Working from home is like a dream.

      Working from home ~4 months (but on & off before that), Banking, Auckland NZ.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Being siloed
    Trying to inspire and lead when you cannot interact in a personal basis is hard
    Some staff went into hiding; others reached out

  4. Anonymous Reply

    It is like being in white-collar prison, but without access to the tennis courts.

    All the comforts are there, and generally life is better than most had even prior to the pandemic. We work, eat, sleep, live in a high-rise apartment in the heart of Washington DC. We are “allowed” to go out an hour a day for exercise. No communal visits. An indeterminate sentence. Political prisoners?

    FS. 30+ year Government employee (IT division manager); 64 years old; remote working sentence 10 weeks – to – life…

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Working from home under lockdown has given me the foretaste of my future retirement life – so much work to do at home even without going out much!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    workout, work, eat, repeat

    working from home for the first time, Lecturer, NZ

  7. Anonymous Reply

    … sweet as!

    (My tech at home is so good, that I ‘dial home’ to use it when I’m at work).

    — English, 60s, long long term tech users, digital miminalist

  8. Anonymous Reply

    …is like being quiet as a mouse


  9. Anonymous Reply

    permanent casual Friday.
    dress very casually (other than tidy top half for zoom calls!)

    Christchurch NZ

  10. Anonymous Reply

    …is like recovering from a childhood illness. Comforting and you don’t want to be anwhere else. But you do feel in limbo.

    WFH for 3 months but have done this in the past too. Fundraiser, Auckland. NZ

  11. Anonymous Reply

    a peaceful haven where I can do deep-work without the hussle and bustle of everyday commuting and being around lots of people, traffic and noise. I have a cafe on my block too, so one can’t help but feel more relaxed. Working at home ‘properly’ for the first time, Higher Education Professional, Auckland NZ.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    my most productive working environment and I love not having to commute and park at work. – long-term intermittent remote at home worker with great technology at home to improve the experience

  13. Anonymous Reply

    being a regular fish out of water! It has taken some time to adjust to and racing to keep up with the speed online tools that are developing!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Being in a cocoon. You have everything you need and are waiting for the day that you burst forth as a butterfly.
    Consultant working at home for 5 months, NZ.


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