Metaphors help us understand or explain something by comparing it to something else.

In 2019, I became curious to see what metaphors my graduate students might use to describe their ‘digital lives.’

Now, as many of us are encouraged or required to work from home, I am interested in some of the metaphors that can be used to make sense of that experience.

On this site, there are two main sets of prompts for metaphors to describe ‘working from home,’ and ‘digital life.’ There are several prompts for each theme, such as ‘Working without seeing my friends at work is like…’ or ‘Going 24 hours without my smartphone would be like…’

You may enjoy just reading the posts, and we hope you’ll consider adding to our collection by contributing a metaphor of your own. Contributions will be anonymous, but we do appreciate a bit of context, including how long you have worked from home for ‘Working from Home’ posts and/or your birthplace and date of birth for ‘Digital Life’ posts.

Before you contribute, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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